Otto - Graf - Journal 2003

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Otto Graf´s research on concrete roads - a retrospective view

H.-W. Reinhardt

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Application of the ultrasonic phase spectroscopy on construction materials

H.-J. Ruck

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Introduction of a ground penetrating radar system for investigations on concrete structures

F. Finck

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High strength stainless steel - alternative materials for tension members in civil engineering

   U. Nürnberger   

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Fiber reinforced drainage concrete

M. Stegmaier

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Modelling of the hydration of high performance concrete with normal- and lightweight aggregates

S. Mönnig

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Corrosion damages caused by cast magnesite floor screed

W. Beul,
K. Menzel

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Determination of concrete admixtures in concrete by nmr spectroscopy

U. Herterich,
G. Volland,
G. Krause,
D. Hansen

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Concepts of transient recorder development for acoustic emission analysis

J.H. Kurz,
V. Wolter,
G. Bahr,
M. Motz

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Comparison between the double-k fracture model and the two parameter fracture model

S. Xu,
H.-W. Reinhardt,
Z. Wu,
Y. Zhao

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Finite-element modelling of the conservation effects of an artificial resin on deteriorated heterogeneous sandstone in building restoration

J. Bossert,
J. Ožbolt,
G. Grassegger

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Fresh properties of self-compacting concrete (scc)

T. Wüstholz

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Nails and nailplates as shear connectors for timber-concrete composite constructions

S. Aicher,
W. Klöck,
G. Dill-Langer,
B. Radovic

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Design of rectangular holes in glulam beams

L. Höfflin,
S. Aicher

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Measurements on the acoustic anisotropy of soft and hard wood; effects on source location

T. Ringger,
L. Höfflin,
G. Dill-Langer,
S. Aicher

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