Otto - Graf - Journal 2000

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structural behaviour of high performance concrete

H.-W. Reinhardt

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influence of cement and lime additives on the compaction properties and shear parameters of fine grained soils

G. Gay,
H. Schad

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temperature measurements at the nesenbach-valley bridge

R. Koch

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Freshcon 2.0 - software for data acquisition and data analysis

H.-J. Ruck,
C. U. Große,
H.-W. Reinhardt,
G. Bahr,
P. Schlaich

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load capacity of masonry made of flat-bricks and cover up thin layer mortars

K. Zeus,
T. Popp

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supplementary corrosion protection of reinforcing steel

   U. Nürnberger   

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numerical simulation of the pendulum test with a glass plate

R. Rück,
M. Weschler

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numerical study of mixed-mode fracture in concrete structures

J. Ožboldt,
H.-W. Reinhardt

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ultrasound, scanning electron microscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy - comparison of results investigating the hydration process in cementitious materials

C. U. Grosse,
S. U. Köble,
H.-W. Reinhardt

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basic considerations to rolling shear modulus in wooden boards

S. Aicher,
G. Dill-Langer

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a contribution to the analysis of glulam beams with round holes

S. Aicher,
L. Höfflin

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reuse of fresh concrete by adding a recycling aid

C. Öttl

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influence of liquid concrete curing compounds with higher curing efficiency on the resistance to skidding of road surfacing

C. Laskowski

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determination and occurrence of organophosphorous compounds (poc) in house dust and indoor air

D. Hansen,
G. Volland,
G. Krause,
D. Zoeltzer

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