Otto - Graf - Journal 1998

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Processing and imaging simulated ultrasonic B-scans of concrete

E. Burr,
K.-U. Vieth,
S. A. Shapiro

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Bond of aramid composite bars in concrete after exposure to temperature cycles

H.-W. Reinhardt,
L. Gollas

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Permeability, diffusion, and capillary absorption of concrete at elevated temperature in the service range

H.-W. Reinhardt,
M. Jooss

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Study about the contamination of PAH in rooms with tar parquetry adhesives

D. Hansen,
G. Volland

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Prognosis of uni-axial compressive strength and stiffness of rocks based on point load and ultrasonic tests

T. Bräutigam,
A. Knöchel,
M. Lehne

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Rear attachment of panels for ventilated curtain walls

R. Lehmann

30 KB

Actual problems of structural sealant glazing

G. Krüger,
G. Völkel

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Tests on reproduced byzantine masonry

H. Falter,
H.-W. Reinhardt

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High strength concrete under sustained tensile loading

H.-W. Reinhardt,
T. Rinder

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Glued-in hardwood dowels as an alternative timber end-joining device

K. Komatsu

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Temperature effects on the structural behaviour of laminated safety glass

G. Krüger

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The performance of thermally sprayed zinc coatings as anode for cathodic protection on reinforced concrete

M. Zecho,
K. Menzel,
   U. Nürnberger   

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Heat flow in a glulam joist with a glued-in steel rod subjected to variable ambient temperature

S. Aicher,
M. Wolf,
G. Dill-Langer

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Influence of specimen geometry on stress distribution in pull-out tests of glued-in steel rods in wood

S. Aicher,
L. Höfflin,
M. Wolf

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Corrosion induced failures in prestressed concrete structures and preventative measures

U. Nürnberger

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