Otto - Graf - Journal 1996

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fiber - reinforced concrete panels as permanent formwork for flat slabs

R. Koch


research project on the environmental impact of engineering structures

H. Lünser

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the use of fluorescent microscopic techniques in the assessment of damage to sealing systems of buildings

P. Huth


examination of the transfer of dust contaminated with polychlorodibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorodibenzofurans from the loft into the apartments below

D. Hansen

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iron(II)-sulfate as concrete admixture for chromium(VI) reduction

C. Laskowski

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emissions of terpenes and aldehydes from "biopaints" -results of measurements in a 1m³-test-chamber and indoor measurements in buildings

G. Volland,
D. Zöltzer

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the effect of a foam upon the drying behaviour and the length changes of a lightweight concrete with voids and cellular lightweight aggregates

T. Popp

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pullout behaviour of fibers in steel fiber reinforced concrete

B. Weiler,
C. Grosse

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inhibitors in concrete structures

   U. Nürnberger   


alteration of wall paintings affected by soluble salts

F. Grüner


mechanical properties of a new structural composite lumber product "cross-beam" with emphasis on shear capacity

S. Aicher


p-wave propagation in setting and hardening concrete

H.-W. Reinhardt,
C. Grosse,
B. Weiler,
J. Bohnert,
N. Windisch

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corrosion protection of steel in soil by sprayed zinc-aluminium coatings

J.-M. Jailloux,
K. Menzel,
M. Zecho


stress distribution in heat-toughened glass

R. Wohlfahrt

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influence of cylindrical anisotropy of wood and loading conditions on off-axis stiffness and stresses of a board in tension perpendicular to grain

S. Aicher,
G. Dill-Langer

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