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Timber construction, wood products, adhesives and mechanical fasteners

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You need concepts, test plans, testing and certification for new timber construction products? You need a certification related to European building product standards? You need tests based on national, European and international standards and European assessment documents? You are looking for analysis and and rehabilitation concepts for timber structures? You need a certificate under building law for structural wood bonding? You look for a research partner who offers both, know-how and excellence in simulation and testing? You search for expertise in structural wood bonding? You want to bring a timber construction innovation ready for the market?
In all these cases we are the right and competent team for you!

The Units in our Department

Timber Constructions

We test, analyse and investigate the structural resisistance and the serviceability of timber constructions in existing and new buildings. We investigate and model wood and especially hybrid wood-compound materials and timber components (timber-concrete, timber steel, wood-plastics). We develop light-weight build-ups for wide-span timber constructions. A major focus of our work is on the stochastic modelling of compound structures.Together with our partners in the excellence cluster IntCDC at Stuttgart University we develop novel column-plate and plate to plate connections for advanced multi-storey timber buildings.We analyse timber buildings and bridges commissioned by clients from the private and public law sector by advanced nondestructive test methods and elaborate rehabilitation and wood preservation concepts for which we undertake the surveillance, too.

Structural Timber Products

The basis of any timber construction is based on the understanding and classification of the natural resource wood and its herof derived building products. We develop new grading methods and certify the (mechanical) strength grading as well as moisture measurements. We guide you on your way to CE-marking of your bonded or not bonded timber product (KVH /. GLT / CLT / LVL / panel products according to EN 13986). We offer you advanced expertise especially for new products, e.g. made of hardwoods.

Wood Adhesives and Mechanical Fasteners

Our portfolio comprises testing of structural wood adhesives according to all European and international standards and approvals, tests and building approval investigations for innovative bonded connections as wellas the numerical simulation of bonded joints in timber contruction.In the product area of mechanical fasteners our competence focus is on self-tapping screws for which MPA offers an own exclusive quality label.

Junior Professorship Timber Engineering

The junior professorship in timber engineering is affiliated to the Institute for Materials in Civil Engineering and closely linked to the Department of Timber Structures at the MPA.

Junior Professurship Timber Engineering

Tasks and technical focus

We analyse and test the the structural safety of your timber constructions. We offer highly advanced monitoring systems tailored to the specific requirements of timber constructions. The employed methods encompass drill resistance measurements, drill core testing, ultrasound-echo and transmission methods, optical fiber and laser diode measurements: We analyze adhesives in existing buildings with regard to their integrity.


Our services at a glance

Development projects:

  • Co-development of a glued cross-sectional joint of large glulam beams without load capacity reduction (HESS-Limitless)
  • Co-development of hybrid cross laminated timber build-ups from soft- and hardwoods
  • Co-development of the world-wide longest spanning timber light weight composite (KEEL-web element)
  • Development of a test method for assessment temperature robustness of wood-steel bonds
  • Co-development of ribbed plates with novel web integration

Finished research projects:

  • ERA-Net-“Wood Wisdom”-project “EU Hardwoods”
  • ERA-Net-“Wood Wisdom”-project “Hybrid Cross Laminated Timber Plates (HCTLP)”
  • EFRE-project “Stuttgart Timber Bridge”
  • EFRE-project “Integrity verification of block-glued timber bridges”
  • AiF-project “Influence of structurally and chemically adjustible manufacturing prameters of bonding and surface parameters influencing strength and integrity of wood bonds”
  • AiF-project “Influence of cramping pressure – possibilities and limitations of low pressure-vacuum cramping at manufacture of bonded structural timber elements”
  • ZIM-project “High performance hybrid beams”
  • ZIM-project “Wood-lightweight concrete”

On-going research projects

  • Forest Value (FNR)-project: “FIRENWOOD”
  • Excellenz-Cluster IntCDC (RP3) “Computational design, engineering and development of digitally fabricated, high performance, multi-storey wood building system”
  • ZIM-project “Glulam made from robinia wood”
  • Notified body for European building products in timber construction
  • Approved body for certification, surveillance and testing according to the building laws of the German federal states
  • Authorized Test body entitled to issue the bonding certificate according to DIN 1052-10
  • Authorized Test body for approval testing in any timber construction matters

DIBt-expert boards Timber Construction and wood products (B1 und B2)

DIN-standardization committees

  • NA 005-04-01-AA „Timber Construction (mirror group to CEN/TC 124, CEN/TC 250/SC5, ISO/TC 165)“
  • NA 042-04-05 AA „Mirror group to CEN/TC 193/SC1 wood bonding“
  • NA 062-10 FBR „Department Advisory board on adhesives“
  • NA 005-04-01-01 AK „DIN EN 1995-1-1 and DIN EN 1995-2“
  • NA 005-04-01-04 AK „Glued products DIN EN 14080, DIN EN 14374, DIN EN 15497, DIN EN 16351“
  • NA 005-04-01-05 AK „Prefabricated elements DIN EN 14250 and DIN EN 14372“
  • NA 005-04-01-06 AK „Wood preservation, formwork beams“
  • NA 005-04-01-12 AK „Eurocode 5 –Timber-concrete-compound elements“
  • NA 005-04-01-17 AK „Eurocode 5 -Reinforcements
  • NA 005-04-01-19 AK „Eurocode 5 Execution“
  • NA 005-04-01-01 AK „DIN EN 1995-1-1 and DIN EN 1995-2“
  • NA 005-04-01-01 AK „DIN EN 1995-1-1 and DIN EN 1995-2“

CEN-standardization committees

  • CEN TC 124/WG3 – Bonded structural timber products
  • CEN TC 124/WG5 – Prefabricated timber elements (Convenor)
  • CEN TC 193/SC1 – Structural wood adhesives (Convenor)
  • CEN TC 193/SC1/WG4 (Convenor), WG6 (Convenor), WG13 (Convenor), WG14
  • CEN TC124/WG3/TG1 bonded structural hardwood products (Convenor)

Technical advisory board „Studiengemeinschaft“ glued timber constructions

Courses: In co-operation with „Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau“ we offer several days´courses dealing with:

  • Timber strength grading (Grading course)
  • Bonding of structural timber components (Bonding master course)
  • Rehabilitation of timber structures (Repair course)

To our Training Courses

Lectures: Department of Timber construction contributes to the following courses in Civil Engineering education at Stuttgart University:

  • Construction and Materials
  • Materials in Civil Engineering I
  • Protection, Repair and Upgrading of Structures
  • Nondestructive Test Methods in Timber Construction


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Gerhard Dill-Langer


Head of Department

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Jan Hamming

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Deputy Head of Department / Head of Unit


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