Advanced Manufactured Components for Safety Relevant Applications


October 12, 2022

The importance of new manufacturing processes and in particular additive manufacturing is increasing due to the economic and technological advantages even in safety-critical and demanding fields of application, such as energy generation and conversion.

While in the past such processes were only used for the production of prototypes, functional samples, and, if necessary, spare parts, they are increasingly considered as valid manufacturing technologies already in the development process of high-performance components. This allows specific advantages to be realized, such as higher operating temperatures due to cooling channels close to the surface in the case of turbine blades and geometric compaction of complex valve geometries.

In addition to additive manufacturing in powder bed with LPBF/SLM, DED/WAAM processes as well as the application of new joining processes, such as electron beam welding, narrow gap welding, cold gas spraying, and hot isostatic pressing, will be the focus of this workshop.

The workshop will look at the manufacturing processes, the resulting material properties that can be achieved, the proof of structural integrity especially for the challenging operating environments, such as corrosion, creep resistance, and fatigue. In addition, suitable in-process and post-process quality assurance methods will be addressed.

  • Advanced Manufacturing for powerplants and safety-relevant parts
  • DED/WAAM additive manufacturing
  • Structural integrity of AM
  • LM additive manufacturing
  • New materials
  • Electron beam welding and narrow gap welding
  • Cold gas spraying
  • Form generating HIP
  • Quality assurance and NDT



The detailed lecture program will be available here soon.

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The workshop "Advanced Manufactured Components for Safety Relevant Applications" is an online workshop. After your binding registration we will send you a link to the conference platform in a timely manner.
The event language is English.

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