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Engineering and scientific services for the preservation of historic and modern structures

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We offer you comprehensive advice and support on questions concerning the preventive maintenance of intact buildings and traffic areas, damage analyses and the restoration of deteriorated historical and modern buildings and structures. Our wide range of services covers all aspects from planning measures, monitoring during construction, on-site investigations, to a large number of laboratory tests as well as testing, monitoring and certification of production control in manufacturing plants. We will be glad to advise you on your specific request.

The Units in our Department

Building Protection and Restoration of Historical Monuments

We offer a wide range of tests for the characterization, evaluation and development of materials and preservatives for the protection of historical monuments and buildings, as well as investigations into weathering and damage processes of mineral building materials. Our field of activity includes chemical, mineralogical and physical testing, condition and damage investigations on the object and in the laboratory.

Structural Monitoring and NDT

Our experienced team is at your disposal with the latest measuring technology for instrumented monitoring and non-destructive testing (NDT) of civil engineering structures for damage analysis and for building exploration. We support you comprehensively with your tasks, from the development of the optimal measurement and testing concept to the practical execution and evaluation of the measured data.

Corrosion and Sealing of Buildings

Our experts for corrosion and corrosion protection offer you comprehensive advice and investigations on site and in the laboratory on corrosion damage and ageing of metallic materials in construction and of reinforced concrete structures. We test, monitor and certify for you polymer bitumen membranes and coatings on steel and concrete for sealing roofs, walls, road bridges and parking decks, as well as ablative and insulating fire protection products, joint fillers and casting compounds in traffic areas.

Tasks and technical focus

Our department offers a comprehensive range of services and tests for the preservation of historical and modern buildings, corrosion and corrosion protection and for the testing and certification of waterproofing membranes, coatings and casting compounds. In addition to numerous standardised material tests, we are also happy to develop individual tests for you.

An overview of the services we offer can be found here. You are also welcome to contact us by phone or email.

Our department offers you approval tests, technical inspection tests and the certification of various construction products in the following areas:

  • BASt - Recognition (ZTV-ING) for the testing and external inspection of sealing systems for traffic areas made of asphalt and concrete.
  • Notified body according to RAP-Stra for the examination and testing of hot workable sealing compounds for roadway transitions according to TL-BEL FÜ and joint filling systems according to TL-Fug StB.
  • EU accredited inspection and testing body (System 2+) for waterproofing membranes according to EN standards: 14695, 13707, 13969, 13967, 13970 (polymer bitumen) and 13956, 13967, 14909, 13984, 13859 (plastic).
  • Issue of general appraisal certificates for waterproofing membranes (or systems) outside the DIN SPEC 20.000-201, -202 and -203.
  • Notified testing and inspection body for polyurethane brick adhesives (according to abZ of DIBt).
  • Accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005: Physical and mechanical-technological tests of waterproofing products made of bitumen and plastics, waterproofing membranes, as well as their connection to each other, intumescent and insulation-forming fire protection coatings, and corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres.
  • Notified and accredited inspection and certification body for fire-foaming products for fire sealing and fire retardant applications according to EAD 350005-00-1104.
  • Recognised DIBt test and inspection body for ablation coatings and building materials used as insulation layer in building components and construction types.
  • Recognised testing and inspection body of the DIBt for interior coatings for containers and pipes.
  • Recognised testing and inspection body of the DIBt for coating systems for overflow troughs, overflow chambers and concrete surfaces in facilities for storing, filling and handling water-polluting liquids.
  • Assessment of corrosion damage in civil engineering
  • Assessment of damage to natural stones and masonry

Integrated in our industrial activities, we research in the field of building sustainment and develop solutions to current challenges.

  • Structural helath monitoring with fibre-optic and electrical/electromechanical sensors
  • Development of hardware and software for specific applications of monitoring systems
  • Non-destructive testing with different physical methods
  • Characterization of mineral building materials during setting and hardening
  • Moisture measurement on buildings and building materials
  • Weathering processes of natural and artificial stone
  • Strategies for quality assurance in the restoration of art and cultural heritage
  • Preventive conservation of art and cultural assets
  • Development of new materials and processes for restoration
  • Corrosion behaviour of stainless and galvanized fasteners

To meet our social responsibility, we actively participate in technical committees and boards, thus contributing important findings from research, development and application to guidelines and standards as an independent body.

  • Participation in the Society for Corrosion Protection e.V. (GfKORR)
    • GfKORR working group „Corrosion in civil engineering“
    • GfKORR working group„Corrosion and corrosion protection of iron and steel“
    • GfKORR working group„Damage analysis“
    • GfKORR working group„Corrosion and corrosion protection of zinc and zinc coatings“
    • GfKORR working group„Corrosion and corrosion protection of copper and copper materials“
    • GfKORR working group„Corrosion protection in structural engineering“
  • Participation in the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
    • BASt working group 2.4.1 "Bridge ropes"
  • Participation in the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt)
    • DIBt expert committee "Prestressing steels A"
    • DIBT expert committee "Coatings and plastic sheets" (SVA 59)
  • Participation in the Scientific-Technical Working Group for Building Conservation and Monument Preservation GmbH (WTA)
    • WTA e.V. unit 3 "Natural Stone" (deputy chair)
  • Participation in the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (DGZfP)
    • DGZfP subcommittee "Building monitoring" (chair)
    • DGZfP subcommittee "Moisture"
    • DGZfP subcommittee "Stress corrosion cracking"
  • Participation in working groups of the Research Association for Road and Traffic Systems (FGSV)
    • FGSV working group 7.7 "Pavements on engineering structures"
    • FGSV working group 7.7.1 "Coverings on concrete bridges" (ZTV BEL-B1, BEL-B2, BEL-ST)
    • FGSV working group 7.7.2 "Coverings on steel bridges" (ZTV BEL-ST)
    • FGSV working group 7.7.4 "Road joints made of asphalt" (ZTV BEL-FÜ)
    • FGSV working group 8.3.1 "Joints in traffic areas" (ZTV Fug)
  • Participation in national and international standardisation committees
    • DIN NC 005-02-10 AA "Roofing and sealing membranes"
    • DIN NC 005-02-96 AA "Waterproofing systems on concrete for bridges and other traffic areas"
    • CEN/TC 254/WG 6 "Bitumen sheeting"
  • Member of the GfG Quality Association for Gabions e.V.


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Jürgen Frick

Dr. rer. nat.

Head of Department / Head of Unit

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Frank Lehmann


Head of Department / Head of Unit


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