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Accredited engineering services and research in the field of non-destructive testing, materials characterization and microscopy

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We assess your component and material quality with the highest accuracy. We reproduce microstructures in materials true to detail by means of metallographic examinations and various types of microscopes. We detect and visualize defects in your parts and components using various non-destructive testing techniques, even when still built-in. Through the AMICA research network, we have access to further imaging methods in the highest resolution in 2D as well as 3D.

The Units in our Department

Non-destructive Testing

We offer non-destructive defect identification in your parts and components at our laboratory or on site. Our experienced test personnel use all common testing techniques and provide individual solutions for your inspection tasks. We develop advanced techniques for materials that are difficult to inspect as well as procedures for reliability considerations of NDT techniques. The MPA is a one-stop provider for the evaluation of flaws identified with NDT as well as further damage analyses.

Electron Microscopy and Metallography

We offer examinations of microstructures and their correlation with material or component properties as well as analysis of damage and defect mechanisms of technical materials. We investigate and characterize materials in mechanical engineering, power plant and plant construction, chemical industry, aerospace as well as traffic engineering down to the nanometer scale range.

Research Network AMICA

We are part of the interdisciplinary research network AMICA (Advanced Materials Innovation and Characterization). AMICA brings together the instrumental, methodical and technical expertise of various scientists at the University of Stuttgart who focus on materials science related research topics. Through the AMICA core facility, members of the University of Stuttgart have access to various high-resolution methods of material characterization.

Quality Surveillance and Damage Analysis

The unit Quality Surveillance and Damage Analysis is engaged with the material-related causes of component damage of all kinds.

TEM – Zoom


TEM - Video

The video shows the microstructure of a martensitic chrome steel on different length scales.

Tasks and technical focus

We offer a wide range of services in the field of metallography, electron microscopy and non-destructive testing (NDT), the focus being metallic materials. We develop customized testing solutions and concepts together with you. Please find further information on our range of applications or contact us by phone or e-mail.


Our services at a glance

We continuously broaden our range of applications for you and take part in various publicly funded research projects on different issues.

  • Improvement of ultrasonic testings on welded joints that are difficult to test
  • Reliability estimation of non-destructive testing techniques and the integration in failure analyses
  • Development of monitoring techniques for new piping concepts in power plants
  • Examination and description of changes in the microstructure of metallic materials
  • Determination and representation of damage mechanisms in components by means of metallographic methods
  • Quantitative investigation of precipitate evolution via scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy
  • Correlation of material behavior with microstructural characteristics
  • Development of new preparation methods for microstructural examinations adapted to materials and damage mechanisms
  • We are involved in various interdisciplinary research projects through the Stuttgart research focus AMICA.

Based on our broad experience in the field of materials characterization and NDT, we provide expert’s reports on various issues.

  • Consultation regarding the metallurgical evaluation of materials and the material choice of plants and plant parts.

In order to live up to our social responsibility, we actively participate in expert committees, panels and commissions. We act as independent body and contribute to important findings from research, development and application to guidelines and standards.

  • German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (DGZfP)
    • Expert Committee “Acoustic Emission Testing“
    • Expert Committee “Fiber Composite Synthetics”
    • Expert Committee “Ultrasonic Testing“
  • Wind Energy Research Cluster – WindForS
  • German Society for Electron Microscopy e.V. (DGE)
  • German Association for Materials Research and Testing e.V. (DVM)
  • German Society for Materials Science e.V. (DGM)
    • Expert Committee “Portable Metallography“
    • Community Committee “Scanning Electron Microscopy“
    • Working Group “Specimen Preparation“
    • Expert Committee “Bio-inspired and Interactive Materials”
  • VGB Materials Committee “Materials and Quality Assurance“
  • Working groups within the Research Association for “High-Temperature Steels and Materials”



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