Building Construction and Component Testing


Engineering, testing and research on the behavior of building components and constructions under static and fatigue loading

Your professional partner

We are pleased to support you on issues concerning the bearing capacity, serviceability and durability of building components and constructions. We provide individual testing services from materials testing to full-scale tests on structures in order to enable you to tap the full potential of your ideas and products. Our experts are at your service to work out expert reports as well as surveillance and certification services according to LBO (federal state building code) or BauPVO (Construction products directive (CPR)).

The Units in our Department

Metal Construction, Welding Technology

Being an accredited certification body for manufacturers of structural metal components acc. to DIN EN 1090-1 we are your expert contact for supervision certification for FPC as well as  welding certificates for steel and aluminium. Another area of our expertise is testing, surveillance and certification of reinforcing steel including mechanical rebar connections and lattice girders as well as scaffolding systems and construction props. We perform static and dynamic tests on prestressing and reinforcing steel including mechanical rebar splicing systems and welded connections. Furthermore, we would like to support you in planning, implementation and evaluation of sophisticated experimental investigations.

Please contact Dr.-Ing. Dieter Lotze or  Mr. Tino Richter

Concrete Construction, Composite Construction, Fastening Technology

Our team offers a trustful cooperation for research and development tasks. Accredited testing and certification are offered in the fields of fastening technology as well as concrete and composite construction. Damage analysis, on site testing and expert opinions are provided according to individual requirements. We would be pleased to inform you personally about the services we offer.

Please contact M.Sc Thilo Fröhlich or Dr.-Ing. Veit Birtel.

Lightweight Construction, Glass Construction, Facades

We offer comprehensive expert support for testing and evaluation of building facade systems and components with regard to their load-bearing capacity, durability and usability. Furthermore, our scope comprises components and systems for suspended ceilings and dry constructions. We are investigating all relevant materials, e.g. metals, plastics, composite materials, glass, ceramic and mineral-bound building materials, natural stone and adhesives. If you obtain for a formal confirmation of the product usability, such as national technical approvals, general construction technique permits, general or project-related building product approvals or ETAs, we may support you in a target-focussed manner throughout the entire project, i.e. the preparation of suitable testing programs, material and component testing, evaluation of test results and expert assessments. As an approved body according to LBO and notified body according to BauPVO (CPD) we may offer also third-party services such as supervision certification of construction products and FPC.

Please contact Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Keller or Dipl.-Phys. Gunter Krüger

Tasks and technical focus

  • material and component testing under quasi-static and cyclic loading
  • fatigue testing of materials, building components and structures
  • full-scale tests according to customer specifications
  • approval testing of fasteners, fastening systems and facades
  • on site testing of components and fastenings
  • testing laboratory for experimental research of faculty 2: civil and environmental engineering


Our services at a glance

We are an approved testing and certification body according to LBO (federal state building code) and notified certification body according to CPR (Construction Products Regulation). We are authorized by the DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering) to perform approval tests and accredited by DAkkS as certification body and testing laboratory. Our main activities are in the fields of steel construction, reinforcement, fastening technology, facades, suspended ceilings, precast concrete and external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS).
For further information please contact Dr.-Ing. Lotze or Dipl.-Ing. Keller

Combined with our service activities we offer research in the field of fastening technology and concerning fatigue of materials and constructions. We are increasing our professional activities continuously and participate in several publicly sponsored research projects on various issues.
The main focus of research activities is on:

  • structural behavior of fasteners and fastening systems under static and dynamic loading
  • fatigue behavior of concrete, steel and composite materials
  • fiber-reinforced concrete and strengthening of concrete structures with adhesively bonded reinforcement

Currently we are working on the following research projects:

  • DFG priority program (SPP 2020): sub-project „temperature- and moisture-induced damage processes due to pulsating compression stress“.
  • AIF – IGF : fatigue behavior of connections close to the edge
  • evaluation and assessment of test results with reference to stability and usability of building constructions
  • evaluation of components and buildings after fire damage
  • assessment of the bearing capacity of existing buildings with or without damage
  • assessment of anchors for use in concrete and masonry
  • qualification, surveillance and certification of manufacturers

For prompt an careful execution of tests according to customer specifications we have a wide variety of test equipment at our disposal, as well as a large-scale test building with moveable frames and cylinders mountable on a strong floor of 6 x 25 m² and 6 x 10 m².

  • test equipment for static load up to 15 MN
  • test equipment for fatigue testing with upper load up to 2500 kN
  • facade test facilities for static and cyclic distributed loads / wind loads
  • impact device with drop weights from 500 kg to 2300 kg and drop height up to 9 m
  • climatic chambers for temperature and humidity (i.e. EOTA wall)

We participate in national and international committees, expert panels and boards. As an independent body we introduce important findings from research, development and application in guidelines and standards.

  • participation in various expert panels organized by DIBt (facades, ETICS, fastening technology, concrete reinforcement and glazing construction)
  • participation in DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering (NABau), subgroup on fastening technology (German mirror group to CEN/TC 250/SC 2/WG 2; preparing DIN EN 1992-4: design of fastenings for use in concrete)
  • participation in the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb)
  • participation in the international fib (fédération international du béton) working group TG 2.9: Fastenings to Concrete and Masonry Structures
  • participation in the work group VDI / BV-BS 6205 (Lifting inserts and lifting systems for precast concrete elements)
  • participation in the german mirror group of GNB-CPR (Group of Notified Bodies for the Construction Products Regulation)
  • member of VMPA (federation of material testing institutes)


This image shows Veit Birtel

Veit Birtel


Head of Department / Head of Unit

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Steffen Keller


Deputy Head of Department / Head of Unit


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