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We combine engineering services with research and modelling as well as testing and inspection/certification.

Your professional partner for all mineral building materials

We offer you comprehensive advice and support in all matters relating to investigations, tests, research/modeling and inspection/certification (LBO, BauPVO and voluntary certification programs (e.g. Keymark)) of mineral building materials and constructions. Our wide range of services covers all aspects of consulting in the planning of construction work, on-site monitoring, on-site investigations, laboratory investigations and numerical modeling. We are happy to advise you on your specific request.

The Units in our Department

Concrete Technology and Concrete Constituents

The staff will advise and assist you in solving technical issues to determine the condition and maintenance of solid structures. In the production and processing of concrete, our employees work as supervisors, consultants and inspectors. In case of damage, we offer expert support. We provide chemical, physical and mechanical-technological investigations for the characterization and evaluation of mineral building materials and damage processes to which these building materials are exposed.

Material Behavior and Modelling

Solutions for all aspects of the material behavior of quasi-brittle materials. Through an optimal combination of experimental and numerical investigations, we can offer you a reliable solution to your questions. Supported by the institute's own 3D finite element software MASA, the behavior of various materials (concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, natural stone, etc.) under different types of stress (mechanical/thermal, both static, cyclic and dynamic occurring and stresses due to steel corrosion) can be examined.

Building Envelope, Energy Efficiency, Floor Constructions

Our experts offer comprehensive advice and examinations of masonry, plasters, ETICS, insulation materials and floor constructions/sports facilities. The area of activity covers all aspects of building materials testing, damage investigations and the preparation of expert’s reports. For the inspection/certification of your construction products we are accredited according to LBO and BauPVO (DAkkS accreditation).

Tasks and technical focus

We offer chemical, physical and mechanical-technological investigations of mineral building materials such as binders, fly ash, silica fume, rock flour, aggregates, mortar, concrete, natural stone, building products for masonry construction, insulation materials etc. as well as testing of sports hall floors, raceways, impact protection wall systems and safety against ball throwing. Inform yourself here about the services offered by us or contact us by phone or email!


Our services at a glance

As a PÜZ body according to LBO and BauPVO we are notified by the DIBt and approved to perform tests for technical approvals. We are accredited by DAkkS as a Certification Body and Testing Laboratory. Inform yourself here about the services offered by us or contact us by phone or email!

Integrated into our industrial activities, we research in the field of mineral building materials and develop solutions for your current issues

  • Aging processes of mineral building materials
  • Internal curing of condrete
  • Concrete damaging ASR
  • Substance evaluation of concrete traffic areas
  • Bond between steel and concrete at elevated temperatures
  • Deformation behaviour of concrete
  • New thermal insulation products
  • Energy optimized constructions

Accomplished research projects since 2015:

  • Low Embodied Energy Insulation Materials (pdf-Datei)
  • HOME Skin - Thinner Insulation Systems (pdf-Datei)
  • Creep of concrete under ASR (pdf-Datei)
  • Diagnosis, break up, processing and utilization of ASR damaged concrete pavements (pdf-Datei)
  • Bond between steel and concrete under fire (pdf-Datei)

Current projects:

  • WALL-ACE - Novel Nanomaterials Efficient systems (pdf-Datei)
  • Economic feasibility study on construction methods with concrete pavement of load class Bk100 (pdf-Datei)
  • Concrete pavement 4.0 (pdf-Datei)
  • Creep of SAP-modified convcrete (pdf-Datei)

Supported Lectures:

  • Behaviour and modelling of engineering materials – concrete
    (Prof. Joško Ožbolt / Serena Gambarelli)
  • Engineering Structures Against Hazards
    (Jun.Prof. Akanshu Sharma / Josipa Bošnjak / Margaritis Tonidis)
  • Aggregates for concrete
    (Christian Öttl)

Finished Bachelorworks:

  • Influence of concrete stiffness on the choice of deconstructionof large concrete pavements: from an economic and technical point of view
  • Influence of cement type and fly ash addition on the development of heat of hydration in concrete
  • Behavior of the fiber-reinforced concrete after thermal stress
  • Maintenance task on concrete slabs with economic considerations
  • Behavior of single and group fixtures after fire exposure

Finished Masterworks:

  • Influence of superplasticizers on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete
  • Influence of superabsorbers on tensile and compressive creep of concrete
  • Approaches to the dimensioning calculation and lifetime estimation of concrete pavements with variable material characteristics
  • Compressive and tensile creep of SAP-modified concrete
  • FWD measurements on concrete pavements with alkali-silica reactivity
  • Bonding behavior of normal and high-strength fiber reinforced concrete after thermal stress
  • Numerical analysis of bond between steel and concrete under elevated temperatures
  • Behavior of lap splices under fire
  • Basic and drying creep of SAP-modified concrete
  • Chemical protection of exposed concrete surfaces
  • Substance evaluation of road surfaces with suspected harmful ASR

In order to live up to our social responsibility, we actively participate in committees and, as an independent body, bring important insights from research, development and application into guidelines and standards.

  • Participation in various expert committees of the DIBt
  • Participation in standards committees of the DIN / CEN (masonry, natural stone, insulating materials, aggregates, concrete admixtures and additives, binders, sports facilities)
  • Approved AKR assessor at Federal Highway Research Institute
  • Participation in the committees of the Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV)
  • Member of the Deutscher Ausschuss für Mauerwerk e.V. (DAfM)
  • Member and cooperation with RILEM (International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures)
  • Member of VMPA


This image shows Michael Stegmaier

Michael Stegmaier


Head of Department / Head of Central Unit

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Oliver Mielich


Deputy Head of Department / Head of Unit


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