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Test methods

Acoustic emission analysis (AE) in civil engineering
Acoustic emission testing (AT) in mechanical engineering
Ambulant Metallography (Mechanical engineering)
Analysis of artificial stone and concrete
Building material microscopy
Calibration of force measuring instruments
Calibration of materials testing machines
Chemical-mineralogical testing of building materials
Climate change test device with sulphur dioxide dosing VLM CCT
Climate, Comfort, Pollution
Concrete cover measurement
Concrete cover meter
Concrete damaging alkali-silica reaction (ASR)
Corrosion and corrosion protection (DIN)
Corrosion and corrosion protection (EN, ASTM)
Corrosion and corrosion protection (technical test specifications)
Corrosion test instrument Erichsen model 618
Corrosion test stands
Corrosion testing and assessment of structural engineering structures
Determination of mechanical properties at different temperatures and ambient conditions
Dynamic sledge
Electrochemical corrosion tests
Fatigue testing and endurance strength
Fluid-Structure-Interaction (FSI)-test loop
Force calibration machines
Fracture mechanics analysis
Fracture mechanics calculations of components in mechanical and plant engineering by use of FEM and Xpipe
Fresh concrete analysis with ultrasound (FreshCon)
Ground penetrating radar
Hardness Testing
Instrumentation (mechanical engineering)
Magnetic leakage field measurement
Magnetic leakage field measurement system
Material moisture analysis
Measurement of contact and transition resistances
Measurement of material resistances
Measurements with ground penetrating radar (GPR)
Metallography (Civil engineering)
Metallography (Mechanical engineering)
Mobile near infrared spectroscopy (NIR)
Multiphysics simulations
Natural stone testing and determination of origin
Non-destructive testing of welded joints
Numerical analysis of components in mechanical and plant engineering by use of finite element methods (FEM)
Numerical modelling of material behaviour
Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES)
Outdoor weathering test stands
Paint layer and frame examinations
Polarization microscope and other microscopes
Potential field meter Proceq Canin+
Radiographic Test (RT)
Raman spectroscopy
Reaction to fire of building materials
Reinforcement scan
Residual stress measurements
Salt pollution and salt reduction measures ("desalination")
Scanning electron microscope
Sliding friction test device for bearing components
Stone restoration
Strain measurements with strain gauges and digital image correlation
Strength calculations and durability analysis
Structural monitoring (SHM)
Surface Crack Testing (PT, MT)
Testing of ablative and insulating fire protection products
Testing of fire resistance of components
Testing of safety helmets and visors
Testing of sealants, polymer bitumen membranes, grouting compounds, joint fillers (DIN)
Testing of sealants, polymer bitumen membranes, grouting compounds, joint fillers (EN)
Testing of sealants, polymer bitumen membranes, grouting compounds, joint fillers (technical test specifications (TP / ZTV-ING))
Testing of seat belts and restraint systems
Tests on binders and additives for concrete
Tests on floor constructions and screeds
Tests on fresh and hardened concrete
Tests on insulating materials
Tests on masonry
Tests on plasters, mortars and thermal insulation composite systems
Tests on sports floors and impact protection wall systems
Tests with micromagnetic methods
Thermal analysis
Thermodynamic Simulations
Thermography in civil engineering
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
Ultrasonic measurement array (civil engineering)
Ultrasonic measuring system for mineral building materials
Ultrasonic testing in civil engineering
Ultrasonic testing in mechanical engineering (UT)
Visual inspection (VT) in mechanical engineering
Visual inspection and damage mapping in civil engineering
Weldability and weld area determination
Welding machines
X-ray diffractometer
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