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Department 58 Calibration, Bearing, Passive Safety is subdivided into the following Units:

  • Unit 581  Calibration
  • Unit 582  Bearing and Expansion Joints in Structural Engineering
  • Unit 583  Passive Safety

MPA Universität Stuttgart is equipped with an excellent calibration laboratory which was accredited for the first time in 1995 by the Deutschen Kalibrierdienst and by the Deutschen Akkreditierungssystem Prüfwesen GmbH and presently by the Deutschen Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS). With more than 45,000 calibration certificates under the accreditation the MPA Universität Stuttgart has a lot of experience. The run time of the contracts with our customers for more than 45 years is a signal of the high customer satisfaction. As an independent test body for calibration the MPA Universität Stuttgart offers the following services:

  • DAkkS calibration of force proving instruments in the range from 100 N to 1 MN. The calibration machines are traceable to the national standard of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig
  • DAkkS calibration / verification of material testing machines including length measuring systems, hardness testing machines, impact testing machines
  • DAkkS calibration of the voltage range for amplifiers
  • DAkkS calibration of indenters for hardness measurements
Kalibrierlabor, Kalibrierung einer Werkstoffprüfmaschine Kalibrierlabor, Kalibrierung einer Werkstoffprüfmaschine
Calibration of a material testing machine
Bearing and expansion joints in structural engineering

 The unit Bearing and Expansion Joints in Structural Engineering is an officially approved as well as notified inspection and certification body with testing, third party surveillance and certification (PÜZ) of bridge bearings, expansions joints and anti-seismic devices, as well as the investigation into qualification quality assurance and operational proving of bearings and components concerning bridges and constructions. Our objective is to improve the operating safety of constructional bearings by external controlling and quality assurance of components and constructions. Furthermore our aim is to improve development of bearings on the basis of research and the consequences from events of damage and in addition to qualify new materials and constructional concepts within the scope of research and development, the state of the art for contributing to standards and directives as well as minimizing the risk of damage. Our staff receives always training in order to meet all these high demands.

Emphasis is put on the following activities:

  • Research and approval tests to prove the applicability of materials and lubricants (components) of bridges and building constructions during short and long term tests in dependence on relevant loading parameters (such as pressure, temperature, velocity) as to friction, wear, creep
  • Acceptance tests on bearing components according to the required approval tests and standards as to materials characteristics (strength, hardness), surface characteristics, friction and wear behaviour
  • Third party surveillance and certification of bearing systems such as slide bearings, spherical bearings, pot bearings, roller bearings, restrained bearings and approval of components
  • Third party surveillance and certification of bridge expansion joints according European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAGs)
  • Third party surveillance and certification of anti-seismic devices according EN 15129
  • Analysis of events of damage and assessment of the installation situation in the construction, investigation of dismantled bearings
  • Expert activities
  • Advice on processes in bearing technology
  • Cooperation in committees and the expert committee "bearings" of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik Berlin
  • Training of experts in bearings in structural engineering

600 kN Druckprüfmaschine







  6000 kN compression testing machine
     Spherical bearing
Bearing Installation Course


Bearings for bridges and buildings are safety-relevant components. Bridge bearings need to be designed and produced therefore in Germany according to national technical approvals and national standards. For the reliability of the bearings in practice are in addition to a production corresponding to the regulations in particular the undamaged transport to the building structure and the professional installation of importance.
In the courses design and performance features of approved bearing types, essential content of valid regulations, understanding of their requirements, the concept of quality assurance and basic knowledge necessary for the proper transport and installation in the building structure in theory and practice are conveyed.
Depending on the type of course the in lectures mediated content is supplemented and deepened by practical exercises and experimental demonstrations.

  • Course A: The five-day bearing installation course with examination serves the acquisition of a temporary 5-year qualification for installation of bearings in bridge and building construction, the successful completion is confirmed by a certificate.
  • Course B: The two-day bearing installation course without examination serves the acquisition of knowledge of the installation and installation check for bearings in bridge and building construction.
  • Course C: The two-day refresher course is designed for the extension of the in Course A acquired qualification for another 5 years.
Schulung Fachkraft für Lager im Bauwesen Schulung ergänzende praktische Übungen
Bearing Installation Course
 Practical Exercises
 Passive safety

Type approval tests

Designated as technical service category A and D by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) and as a technical service for the Vehicle Safety Certification Center (VSCC) in Taiwan according to VSTD 26

  • Safety-belts / restraint systems according to ECE-R 16 / VSTD 26
  • Child restraint systems according to ECE-R44
  • Motorcycle helmets according to ECE-R22

Assessment of the crash behaviour

  • Cargo securing according to DIN ISO 27955 and DIN ISO 27956
  • Roof racks for passenger cars according to DIN 75302
  • General tests on the dynamic sledge, e.g. holders / components in vehicles, according to customer specification

Conformity assessment

Testing and certification (CE and GS marking) of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Authorization by the Zentralstelle der Länder für Sicherheitstechnik (ZLS) in the scope of ProdSG and the regulation no. 89/686/EWG

Product areas:

  • Protective head gear
  • Sports helmets generally
  • Head protective equipment against heat and flames ≥ 100° C
  • Bikers' gear / protectors (EN 1621-1, EN 1621-2)


Dynamic sledge for crash simulation


Cooperation in Committees
  • Chairman of DKD technical committee "Material Testing Machines"
  • DKD technical committee "Force and Acceleration"
  • VMPA working group "Material Testing Machines and Testing Apparatus"
  • DIN committee NA 062-01-44 AA (NMP 144) "Impact Strength Testing on Metal"
  • DIN committee NA 062-01-41 AA (NMP 141) "Hardness Testing on Metal"
  • Managing-committee of Deutscher Kalibrierdienst
  • Chairman of DIN committee NA 062-08-11 AA (NMP 811) "Material Testing Machine"
  • Expert committee "Bearing" - A - (411), "Pot Bearing" - B1 - (411a), "Elastomeric Bearing" - B2 - (411b), "Sliding Bearing" - B3 - (411c), "Elastic Elements for Building Support System" - B4 - (411d) of Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), Berlin
  • Expert committee "Expansion Joints" - A - (454) of Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), Berlin
  • DIN committee NA 005-57-02 (NABau) "Structural Bearing"
Special facilities
  • 50 kN / 250 kN und 1 MN force calibration machine for calibration of force measurement devices
  • 1 MN force calibration machine for calibration of force proofing instruments of class 00 at Nürnberg
  • 5000 bar hydraulic reference standard
  • Sliding friction test device for bearing components
  • Static loading and sliding test device for bearings and bearing components under near- service conditions
  • Surface testing device to determine all standard surfaces parameters by means of the profile method
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Bearing and Expansion Joints in
Structural Engineering

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Passive Safety

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