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The quality management of the MPA has proven itself as an effective tool to ensure and increase the testing and research results as well as the technical competence. The existing accreditations and approvals as testing, monitoring and certification body prove it and ensure the international recognition of the MPA test reports and conformity certificates.

The primary objective of the staff position Quality Management is to represent the interests of quality in the daily operation and enforce, enhance the quality capability of departments and helping to maintain the market position of the MPA.

The responsibilities of the staff position include the planning and implementation of quality management in accordance with the guidelines of the MPA and the applicable standards for quality management. These include, for example:

  • Planning and execution of the annual internal audits in the departments
  • Monitoring of the test equipment to ensure efficient testing equipment
  • Maintenance of quality documentation
  • Control of the applicable test standards
  • Causing of measures to ensure the quality capability as measurement uncertainty estimation, validation of test methods, planning of round robin tests, training
  • Coordination of all work on the application and maintenance of accreditations and approvals of the MPA

These efforts will be made to offer our customers high quality services constantly improved level with confirmation of competence by an impartial page can.

 Accreditation certificates:

Testing laboratory: D-PL-11027-04-00
Certification body: D-ZE-11027-05-00
Calibration laboratory: D-K-11027-01-00
Inspection body: D-IS-11027-03-00

 Contact person

Head of Staff position

Mr. Dipl.-Ing. A. Müssig

 ++49 (0)711/685-67675
 ++49 (0)711/685-63144