Notified Body for Pressure Equipment

MPA is a Notified Body according to the German Act for Product Safety and the European Directive 2014/68/EU applicable for pressure equipment (PED). The Notified Body also comprises a testing laboratory. MPA has been authorized by the German Authority “Zentralstelle der Länder für Sicherheitstechnik” (ZLS) to perform

  • conformity assessments according to PED Annex III:
    - Monitoríng of manufacturing and testing of pressure equipment (Module A2)
         - EU-Type examination (Module B, production and design type)
         - Conformity to type (Module C2)
         - Conformity by examination and testing of pressure equipment (Module F)
         - Conformity based on unit verification (Module G)
  • approvals of operating procedures for permanent joining of pressure equipment according to PED Annex I Point 3.1.2
  • specific assessments of particular material appraisals according to PED Annex I Point 4.2.c)

MPA as a Notified Body together with its testing laboratory offers its competent service for subjects in the field of conformity assessment procedures. The services of MPA are directed to manufacturers of pressure equipment or assemblies with a maximum allowable pressure > 0.5 bar (pressure vessels, pressure piping, steam generators) that are marketed and put into service within the European Union and for which the PED has to be applied.

For decades, MPA has had a strong experience in the field of design and safety related assessment of pressure equipment. That experience comprises on one hand the necessary competence within the scope of experimental design methods (strength, creep and fatigue examination with or without particular supplementary testing conditions like a corrosive environment, a pre-damaged material etc.), on the other hand the ability of applying calculation methods such as design by analysis or design by fracture mechanics.

MPA has given a lot of input for developing new directives and standards for design calculation, materials and testing. This input is based on numerous research projects performed at MPA. Typical subjects of those research projects are the behaviour and the properties of pressure bearing materials and components with different environmental conditions in order to get a better understanding of the failure mechanisms and of safety related design and stress calculations. The scope of MPA work also includes final inspections and assessments of materials, components and plants in workshops and on site.

Against this background the future service of MPA for conformity assessments acc. to the PED can be considered as a consequential continuation of the work already done in that field.


Determination of Creep Values


 Determination of Creep Values


Determination of Creep Values for heat resistant materials for harmonized standards,
for European approvals of pressure equipment materials and for particular material appraisals according to PED Annex I Point 4

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