Organization / Organigram

Region Mechanical


Region Civil


    Staff Positions       

Plant Assessment and
Operational Concepts


Mineral Building Materials


Notified Body for
Pressure Equipment

Quality Surveillance and 
Damage Analysis


Concrete Technology, Maintenance


Notified Body for Personal
Protective Equipment

Plant Life Assessment


Material Behavior and Modelling


Quality Management

Material Behavior and
Materials Modelling


Building Shell, Energy Efficiency,
Concrete Constructions



High Temperature Materials Testing


Timber Constructions


Electronic Data Processing

Material Models and
Microstructure Calculation


Timber Structures, Composite Structures, Wood Protection


High-Speed Loading


Solid Wood Products, Panel Products, Renewable Materials


NDT and Materials Characterization


Joining Technology, Adhesives,
Metallic Fasteners


 Central Services

Non-destructive Testing


 Fire Safety


Administration and Finance

Electron Microscopy and Metallography


Reaction to Fire



Research Network AMICA


Fire Resistance


Research Support

Component Assessment and Reliability


R&D-Structural Hazard Engineering


Purchase, Travel
Expenses, Mail

Structural Durability


Building Preservation


Contract Management
and Organizational Development

Integrity Assessment


Building Protection and Restoration of Historical Monuments



Reliability and Probabilistic Assessment


Non-destructive Testing and Building Monitoring


Central Technical

Operational Behavior under
Medium Influence


Corrosion and Sealing of Buildings


Facility Management

Influence of Hydrogen and Oxygen


Building Construction and Component Testing


Mechanical Workshop



Metal Construction,
Welding Technology


Electrical Workshop

Fatigue and High- Pressure Testing


Concrete Construction,
Composite Construction,
Fastening Technology


Archives, Documentation,

Joining Technology and
Additive Manufacturing


Lightweight Construction, Glass Construction, Facades


Additive Manufacturing


R&D-Satellite Civil Engineering


Joining Technology


Climate, Comfort, Pollution


Stress Analysis and Residual Stress


Transport Infrastructure


Calibration, Bearing, Passive Safety


Green Engineering




Bearing and expansion joints
in structural engineering


Passive Safety