Head Office and Advisory Board

The Materials Testing Institute University of Stuttgart is managed by a Head office. The Head office consists of two directors and two associate directors. Each of them is head of their respective “Construction and Civil Engineering” or “Energy Technology, Process Engineering and Biological Engineering" division.

The Head Office of the Materials Testing Institute University of Stuttgart consists of:


Mr. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Weihe

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++49 (0)711/685-63144

Managing Director:

Mr. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Garrecht

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++49 (0)711/685-67681

Commercial Director:

Mr. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Klenk

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Deputy Directors:

Mr. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Hofmann

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 ++49 (0)711/685-62285

Mr. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Klenk

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 ++49 (0)711/685-63053

An advisory council is in place to support the MPA. It consists of up to five professors of chairs within the University of Stuttgart who are able to make use of the MPA’s facilities, as well as a further six experts from industry.

The MPA consists of Divisions, Departments, Units, Staff departments and Staff positions. These are organizational units of the MPA with fields defined according to the tasks on hand.

The MPA employs staff of approx. 330 people.

The MPA staff consists of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, materials scientists, physicists, (analytical) chemists, mineralogists and geologists who can work competently on complex problems with great knowledge and know-how in multidisciplinary project groups.

The Materials Testing Institute University of Stuttgart is made up of the following organizational units which are subject to the board of directors: