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Information on selected projects at EU level
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NIBALO - Ni-based Alloys for Operation of 725 °C Power Plants

The aim of the project is to investigate material behaviour of improved materials for the application in highly efficient and highly flexible future power plants with steam temperatures up to 725 °C.
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AIF Fatigue Fastenings

Within the framework of the research project, the fatigue behavior of fasteners in concrete is to be investigated systematically to determine the influence of the static load level on the load-bearing capacity of fatigue-stressed fasteners.
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SPP 2020 Fatigue of Concrete

Within the framework of the research project, the temperature and moisture-induced damage processes in high-performance concretes as a result of cyclic, multi-axial pressure threshold stresses are to be investigated.
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This image shows Stefan Weihe

Stefan Weihe

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Scientific Director

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Harald Garrecht

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Scientific Director

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