„Ni-based alloys for Operation of 725 °C Power Plants” (NIBALO 725)

The aim of the project is to investigate material behaviour of improved materials for the application in highly efficient and highly flexible future power plants with steam temperatures up to 725 °C. These materials promise a reduction in manufacturing costs as well as an increase in flexibility by providing enhanced creep strength and therefore the possibility for wall thickness reduction.

Material data will be collected in laboratory tests in order to describe the behaviour of base materials and welds under operational conditions. The data will be implemented into numerical models to evaluate the stress strain behaviour of components out of these materials, along with their welds. The completion of the material investigation will be a near-to-service test for the thick-wall component and a field test for the thin-wall component to observe the behaviour made of these materials under real operating conditions. The field test will be the integration of components into the test rig “725 HWT GKM”, phase III. This test rig provides the unique possibility of a cost-efficient implementation of high-temperature components into the steam cycle of a real currently operating power plant.

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EU-Projekt „Ni-based alloys for Operation of 725 °C Power Plants” (NIBALO 725)