Otto - Graf - Journal 2005

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Concrete with enhanced durability

H. W. Reinhardt

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Shear fracture on the basis of fracture mechanics

  S. Xu, 
H. W. Reinhardt

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A model approach to describe the fresh properties of self-compacting concrete (SCC)

T. Wüstholz

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Organic pollutants in indoor air - basics and problems

G. Volland, 
G. Krause, 
D. Hansen,
D. Zöltzer

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Stainless steel reinforcement - a survey

U. Nürnberger

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Experimental identification of the grade of prestressing of a reinforced concrete slab with unbonded prestressing

Th. Jahn

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European fire classification of construction products, new test method "SBI", and introduction of the European classification system into German building regulations

S. Lehner

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Heat curing of self-compacting concrete (SCC)

M. Stegmaier

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Friction stir welding - innovative technology for joining aluminium components

M. J. Greitmann, 
P. Deimel

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Water saturated super-absorbent polymers used in high strength concrete

S. Mönnig

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Layer thickness determination of polymer concrete

A. Jüngert, 
J. H. Kurz

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Comparative evaluation of cementitious materials on early age with ultrasonic wave transmission, wave reflection and impact-echo measurements

R. Beutel, 
T. Öztürk, 
C. U. Grosse

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Statistical analysis of the shear strength of glued laminated timber based on full-size flexure tests

W. Klöck

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Scanning impact-echo techniques for crack depth determination

M. Krüger

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Investigations on in-plane loaded wooden elements - influence of loading and boundary conditions

B. Dujic, 
S. Aicher,
R. Zarnic

745 KB

Reflection measurements at timber glue-lines by means of ultrasound shear waves

G. Dill-Langer,
S. Aicher,
 W. Bernauer

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Joints in timber structures loaded perpendicular to grain - comparison of design approaches

S. Aicher,
R. Finn

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