Otto - Graf - Journal 2002

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Corrosion induced failures of prestressing steel

U. Nürnberger

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Load bearing behaviour of fastenings with concrete screws

J. H. R. Küenzlen,
   R. Eligehausen   

457 KB

Prestressed hollow-core concrete slabs – problems and possibilities in fastening techniques

C. Lutz

288 KB

Pore-size determination from penetration tests on concrete with n-decane

H.-W. Reinhardt
A. Pfingstner

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Analysis of crystalline materials preserved in a palestine kohl vessel from the 4th century a.d.

F. Grüner

271 KB

Acoustic emission analysis of sfrc beams under cyclic bending loads

F. Finck

159 KB

About the improvement of us measurement techniques for the quality control of fresh concrete

C. U. Grosse

425 KB

A discrete bond model for 3d analysis of textile reinforced and prestressed concrete elements

M. Krüger,
J. Ožbolt,
H.-W. Reinhardt

593 KB

Experimental realisation of a pretentious testing task on the field of pioneer bridge structures

W. Harre

744 KB

Restoration of the sarcophagus of duke melchior von hatzfeld – the accompanying scientific and technical investigations

G. Grassegger

240 KB

Geotechnical aspects and observations of a quarry reclamation

H. Schad,
G. Gay

507 KB

Non-destructive detection of longitudinal cracks in glulam beams

S. Aicher,
G. Dill-Langer,
T. Ringger

  278 KB  

Determination of local and global modulus of elasticity in wooden boards

S. Aicher,
L. Höfflin,
W. Behrens

122 KB

Transient temperature evolution in glulam with hidden and non-hidden glued-in steel rods

S. Aicher,
D. Kalka,
R. Scherer

660 KB

Modelling of concrete hydration

S. Mönnig

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