Central Technical Services

Department 92 Central Technical Services is subdivided into the following Units:

  • Unit 921  Facility Management
  • Unit 922  Mechanical Workshop
  • Unit 923  Electrical Workshop
  • Unit 924  Archives, Documentation, Library

The working area "Archive, Documentation, Library" contains all scientifically documented expertises (approx. 7000, research reports, test reports, fact documentations, etc.) catalogued and archived to be easily retrieved for scientific purposes in future. All documents will bear the original date of issue and references about each revisions. The quality control will exchange standards and manuals with the latest issues except for one original to be archived.
To document cases of damage or special test setups the scientists are assisted by professionally equipped experts who are masters in photography and have great experience in producing high-quality documents. The photographic material (analogous / digital photography, films / video) will be archived for all MPA in this unit.

Further information

 Contact person


Mrs. R. Purper

 ++49 (0)711/685-63058

Head of Department

Mr. Dr.-Ing. A. Klenk

 ++49 (0)711/685-63968
 ++49 (0)711/685-63053


Facility Management

Mr. Dipl.-Ing. A. Volz


 ++49 (0)711/685-63902

Mechanical Workshop

Mr. B. Lis

Mr. M. Lutsch

 ++49 (0)711/685-62693
 ++49 (0)711/685-62634

Elektrical Workshop

Mr. Dipl.-Ing. A. Volz

 ++49 (0)711/685-63902

Archives, Documentation, Library

Mrs. Dipl.-Bibl. M. Werner

 ++49 (0)711/685-63328