Mission and fields of activity

The Materials Testing Institute University of Stuttgart carries out the following tasks:
  • Research and development work in the areas of:
    - Materials and component testing,
    - Materials development and optimisation,
    - Safety of components and design

  • Cooperation with industries, particularly in the area KMU in the fields of technology transfer, such as damage prevention, modern computational methods, adequate materials selection, adequate materials production methods,

  • Conformity tests of existing codes and regulations, certification of products;

  • Cooperation in standard and expert committees, maintenance of DKD positions;

  • Cooperation with Teaching.

As a technical service enterprise, the MPA is a competent partner in industry, who is the sole provider of certain customised services. Furthermore, the MPA performs experimental work for University institutes and makes its well-equipped facilities available to the Faculty of “Mechanical Engineering” and “Civil and Environmental Engineering Science” to be used for the education of students. Through this cooperation within the University of Stuttgart, the MPA is integrated into the basic scientific and technological research of the University.

MPA staff consults clients in solving technical problems such as building inspection for approval of new materials and structures. It deals with scientific and application-oriented research projects, helps in developing new products, issues expertises and carries out tests within the scope of quality assurance. For this the latest test equipment and methods together with supercomputers are implemented.

The scope and significance of these tasks require intensive national and international cooperation especially in view of decision counselling for state and federation administration bodies concerning licensing in co-operation with the Technical Inspection Associations (TÜV). Consequently, the MPA’s highly competent experts who participate in numerous national and international bodies can contribute to the compilation of technical guidelines and standards world-wide.

As a public organization the Materials Testing Institute works under public law is independent and unbiased. Therefore, judicature frequently asks members of the MPA staff to act as expert or chief expert in assessing damages for a court of law.

The scientific staff lectures at national and international conferences about their research work the results of which are published in international scientific journals. Some of these co-workers lecture at the University and conduct professional training at polytechnics.

Since the Single European Market was launched in 1993 all test and research laboratories are subject to the criteria for conducting tests according to the European Standard DIN EN 45001. The accreditation by the German Accreditation System Test Body GmbH (DAP) formally recognized the MPA’s competence in performing tests. The test laboratory “automotive safety” has also been accredited by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA).

The German Calibration Service (Deutscher Kalibrierdienst, DKD) has accredited the MPA as calibration laboratory for measurands force and pressure. The National Metrology Institute (Pyhsikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, PTB) has accredited the MPA for calibrating materials testing machines and electrical measurands.

The MPA is recognised as a testing, surveillance and certification body of controlled and uncontrolled constructions. As a construction supervision authority it is acting within Germany together with the German Institute for Construction (DIBt) in Berlin, and within Europe together with the EC in Brussels. Its staff is represented in virtually all expert committees of the DIBt.