Certification Body for Products


  according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 and
  Construction Products Regulation

With the accreditation of MPA University of Stuttgart it is confirmed by the DAkkS, that MPA has the competence according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065, to perform certifications of products and associated services according to established harmonized technical specifications.

In addition, the accreditation is a prerequisite for the recognition of the MPA as a notified body in accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulation, to be able to act as an independent third party in the context of assessment and verification of constancy of performance of construction products.

The certification of building products and of factory production control can be performed in the following areas of the MPA:

  • Precast concrete components, curtain walls and construction of steel and aluminum structures; Kits for pre-stressing of structures, fasteners, tension rod systems, thermal insulation systems and structural sealant glazing (ZS-1)
  • Bridge and building construction bearings, expansion joints and anti-seismic devices (ZS-2)
  • Sealing sheets of bitumen, polymer bitumen or plastic for roofing, building and bridge seals (ZS-3)
  • Inorganic binders, concrete admixtures, concrete repair materials, concrete aggregate sales medium, mortar, concrete, aggregates, masonry, brick, masonry mortar, AR- glass fibers for use in concrete, thermal insulation and thermal insulation composite systems (ZS-4)
  • BTimber, glued solid wood materials (glulam beams plywood, board plywood, solid wood with finger joints), wooden materials, mechanical timber fasteners and steel sheet metal parts for timber components, adhesives for structural wood adhesive bonds, nail plate connections, pre-glued and mechanically connected wood panels, sandwich components; Kits: Kits for timber frame and prefabricated blockhouses, pre-fabricated panels made of wood and wood-based materials (ZS-5)
  • Locks, fittings and smoke barriers for smoke and heat control systems (ZS-6)

For a detailed listing of all accredited assessment procedures, please refer to the accreditation certificate.

DAkkS-Urkunde: D-ZE-11027-05-00