Further Recognitions

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The MPA performance spectrum is determined and extended by the approvals listed below and thereby facilitates market access to MPA clients providing an additional seal of quality and a variety of services from one single source.

GS body for products - GS mark

The GS mark (safety tested) is the only legally regulated test mark in Europe for product safety. In the area of consumer protection and work safety it is intended to provide the guarantee of its accuracy to ensure that the safety requirements of technical working equipment be fulfilled and checked by an independent (legal) party and monitored regularly. The GS mark is voluntarily as opposed to the CE marking.

According to the approval of the Zentralstelle der Länder für Sicherheitstechnik (ZLS) (Central Regions Authority for Safety) the MPA has the authority to grant GS marking including testing for the following head protective devices within the scope of the Product Safety Act:

  • Mountaineeringhelmets
  • Head protection for ice-hockey players
  • Cyclist helmets and protective helmets for skateboarding and roller skating
  • Protective helmets for horse riding
  • Helmets for canoeing and white-water sports
  • Helmets for alpine skiing
  • Protective helmets for air sports e.g. sky diving
  • Protective helmets for sledging
  • Industrial safety helmets
  • Protective helmets for drivers and passengers of snowmobiles and bobs

ZLS certificate: GS body for products ZLS-GS-32/12

UIAA Testing Laboratory for Helmets

In addition, the MPA is recognized as a testing laboratory by the I International Union of Alpinism Societies (UIAA) for mountaineering helmets.

UIAA certificate: Testing laboratory for Helmets

Testing laboratory for KEYMARK certification of thermal insulation products

In Germany, KEYMARK certification of thermal insulation products DIN CERTCO on behalf of the DINis recognized as the German Institute for Standardization. The Europe-wide standardized certification process documented for thermal insulation products enables manufacturers to have their products tested by neutral, independent and competent bodies, with voluntary monitoring which is specified in the designation code of the product. This creates trust amongst users and consumers throughout Europe!

The MPA is approved by the DIN CERTCO testing laboratory for the implementation of certification procedures in the "Insulation Products for Buildings." For the full scope of this approval, please refer to the certificate.

Certificate: Testing laboratory PL224 for KEYMARK certification