Building supervisory recognized PÜZ body

BWU03 according to State Building Codes (LBO) – Ü-Marking


The marking of construction products with the conformity mark (Ü-mark) requires that the construction complies with the relevant technical rules of construction approval, the building inspection certificate or approval in individual cases.

The MPA is in this context nationally recognized by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) (German Institute for Building Technology) building law as a testing, inspection and certification body "BWU03" according to state building regulations (LBO). The recognition is valid in all states of the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with the provisions of their state building codes for construction products and building types listed in the recognition certificate for the following:

  • Testing body for granting general building supervisory test certificates
  • Testing body for the review of construction products prior to confirmation of conformity
  • Certification body
  • Inspection body for external monitoringInspection body for monitoring pursuant to § 17 paragraph 6
  • Testing bodyfor review pursuant to § 17 paragraph 5

A list of all recognized construction, architecture and recognition of objects of the areas is listed below, please see the DIBt recognition certificate.

DIBt recognition certificate: PÜZ body BWU03