Testing Laboratory

according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

DAkkS has confirmed that the MPA has the competence to carry out tests in the assessment tasks listed below. A detailed listing of accredited testing methods can be found in the individual certificates of testing laboratories.

Accreditation certificate: D-PL-11027-04-00

Department of Loading Analyses

Strength analysis of load-bearing structures made of metal in the temperature range from -200°C to 720°C, testing of gaskets for bolted flange connections; investigation of testing and measuring systems for tests on specimen made of metallic and non-metallic materials, experimental stress analysis, residual stress determination, measurement of mechanical quantities and of temperature, determination of residual austenite, determination of strength and deformation characteristics as well as fracture mechanics characteristics of metallic materials under rapid-load conditions.

Accreditation certificate: D-PL-11027-04-01

Department of Materials Behavior

Mechanical- technological testing of metallic materials, welded joints and structural components at high and low temperatures under static, rapid and cyclic, single and multiaxial loading, material and fracture mechanical testing of metallic materials at high and low ambient temperatures; stresses of hollow bodies by internal pressure at high and low temperatures as well as leak testing, fatigue testing (LCF, HCF), component testing under static, generous, impulsive, cyclic and random loading (single and multiaxial), operational stability and suitability tests, vibration tests (sine, shock, random).

Accreditation certificate: D-PL-11027-04-02

Units Metallography, NDT, Materials for Extreme Conditions

Ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant, eddy current, visual testing, metallography, hardness testing, electron microscopy, microanalysis and fractography, material mechanics studies (train, fracture mechanics, crack growth, LCF test) in cryogenic liquids (liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, liquid hydrogen) and helium cold gas down to -269°C as well as in gaseous hydrogen with or without admixture to 290°C and 17 MPa.

Accreditation certificate: D-PL-11027-04-03

Department of Building Construction and Component Testing

Tests on metallic materials, components, compounds and coatings, mechanical and technological tests on steels for the reinforcement and pre-stressing of concrete as well as their connections and anchorages; tests of fasteners for anchoring of components in construction materials; carrying capacity of sub-ceiling systems and curtain walls; examination of the contact resistance on steel and aluminum materials.

Accreditation certificate: D-PL-11027-04-04

Unit Bearing and Expansion Joints in Structural Engineering

Testing and monitoring of bridges and building constructions and anti-seismic devices; determination of surface characteristics (roughness, waviness).

Accreditation certificate: D-PL-11027-04-05

Unit Plastics, Coatings and Bitumen; Corrosion, Corrosion Protection

Physical and mechanical-technological tests of products for the sealing of buildings made of bitumen and plastics, geomembrane liners, pipes and semi-finished products made of plastic, their connections to each other and geotextiles and intumescent and flameproof coatings.

Accreditation certificate: D-PL-11027-04-06

Department of Mineral Building Materials

Test on the heat protection, moisture proofing and mechanical properties of thermal insulating materials in civil engineering; mechanical-technological and chemical tests on inorganic binders, concrete additives, concrete admixtures, aggregates, mortar, concrete and concrete repair materials; mechanical-technological tests on bricks, mortar, masonry, adhesives for tiles, raised floors and cavity floors.

Accreditation certificate: D-PL-11027-04-07

Department of Timber Constructions

Construction Products: Timber, glued wood products (glulam, beams, plywood, board plywood, solid wood with finger joints), wooden materials, mechanical timber fasteners and steel sheet metals parts for timber components, adhesives for structural wood adhesive bonding, nail trusses, prefabricated glued and mechanically connected wood panels, sandwich panels, kits: kits for wood frame construction and for prefabricated log cabins, prefabricated panels made of wood and wood-based materials.

Accreditation certificate: D-PL-11027-04-08

Department of Fire Safety

Reaction to fire of building materials – exposure of roofs to fire from the outside – fire resistance of building elements – locks and fittings – smoke and heat control systems (specifications for smoke barriers)

Accreditation certificate: D-PL-11027-04-09